Apples Never Fall

Concept Design for Apples Never Fall | PEACOCK

Concept Design for Apples Never Fall | PEACOCK

“In Apples Never Fall, recent retiree Joy, played by Annette Bening, suddenly disappears. Police are quick to suspect her husband, Stan, a former tennis coach played by Sam Neill, and the mystery forces the couple’s four adult children to reevaluate their parents’ seemingly perfect marriage.”

Title Card Concept
The idea was to create a simple title card that conveyed the series’ story, so I sought to understand how I could communicate the mystery, eccentricity, and drama that the series encompasses.

Credits: SAROFSKY – ECD Erin Sarofsky – CD Duarte Elvas- CONCEPT DESIGN João Vaz Oliveira

Concept A – Eclipse

To this concept I called “eclipse” because I thought of conveying, through typography animation, the concealment versus revelation of the mysteries within the series’ drama. This juxtaposition aims to captivate the audience by symbolizing the dynamic interplay between hidden secrets and dramatic revelations.

Concept B – Lost ball

To this title card concept, I’ve named it “The Lost Ball or The Rotten Ball” because not everything in the world of tennis is glamour and glory; on the contrary, within the narrative of the series, we find mystery and decay. In this conception, I envisioned the ball in various scenarios, such as on the home carpet, on the street, in the forest, lost, and never on the court, as it’s supposed to be. The idea would be for each episode to have a different shot for the title card.

Concept C

The approach for this title card would be to stylize the most iconic events of the series into sketches, in order to capture the unique visual essence of the narrative and pique the viewer’s curiosity from the very first glance. The idea would be for each episode to have a different illustration for the title card.