"Todas as Artes" is a national TV program (in Portugal) that aggregates various forms of art. The opening sequence aims to be the first approach/doorway to this world. 

Behind the stage, there is a lot of work that is not well-known, just as there is a whole context of art concealed in the city.

Open Titles Frames



Lower Thirds


Creative Direction | Walid Saleh 
Art Direction | Rui Silva & Walid Saleh 
DoP & Camera | Artur Carvalho
Production | Sic.pt 
TV Show | Todas as Artes 
Directors | Artur Carvalho & João Vaz Oliveira
Concept Design  & Motion & Edit | João Vaz Oliveira 
Set Design | Gonçalo Calheiros / Luís Carvalho / Vítor Castanheira / Rolando Arrifana 
Music | Dead Combo 
Audio | António Santos

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